The Academy:
Built From The Ground Up

The Academy has evolved over the past 24 months, resulting in a totally different learning experience for you, and a limiting serving experience for us. Despite all that has changed, the commitment to seek knowledge has not wavered. Your energy and motivation has brought us through some of the most darkest times. Truly, you build The Academy.

We thank Allah for the blessed opportunities that we have been given to serve you, and we are grateful for your support and your contributions to our cause.

Zakat @ The Academy

Alhamdulillah, your Zakat contributions to The Academy have supported and enriched many students, to begin learning the religion of Allah and embarking on a lifetime of seeking knowledge.

You have been the reason for the many fruitful learning journeys of students, the unwaged and the less-abled. You have been a part of their learning journey, even if you can’t perceive so. The benefits of charity and knowledge go far and beyond what our minds can comprehend.

Mode Of Contributions for Zakat (Savings)

• Bank transfer to DBS current/digital account no. 003-954778-1 or
PayNow to UEN no. T13LL2451C

Reference ‘Zakat‘ during the transaction.

Please fill up the form to submit your successful transaction.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.