'Ali ibn Abi Talib said: ''If the religion was based upon opinion, it would have been more appropriate to wipe the sole of the leather socks, rather than the upper part of the leather socks. However, I have seen Allah’s Messenger ﷺ wipe over the apparent, upper part of the leather socks.'' (Sunan Abi Dawud, Kitab At-Taharah

Our faith and relationship with God is dependent upon the way in which we embed religion into our daily lives. God introduced His final revelation to mankind, through The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, with the command to read, setting the tone for this religion to be the inherent foundation for an imminent intellectual heritage that has thrived over the course of history. Spearheaded by The Quran & The Sunnah of The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Islamic academia has indeed proved, that servitude to God, begins with knowledge.

The manifestation of faith, is not only in the belief that is housed in human hearts, nor mere aural phrases that are uttered by the human tongue. The most apparent of the signs of faith, are none other than the actions of mankind. The Islamic law serves as a specific guidebook for all of us to evaluate our actions, so that we can begin a journey of self-betterment through understanding the effects of our actions, in the larger landscape of our relationship with God, and His creation.

Here we begin, a journey of refining worship, enhancing thought and nurturing faith.


10 weeks (13 Feb – 16 Apr 2020)
7.45pm – 9.30pm

Course Instructor

Ustaz Muhammad Faizuddin Bin Fauzan


The facilitator will use a presentation slides weekly to share his notes with students.


Week 1 13.2.20
Week 2 20.2.20
Week 3 27.2.20
Week 4 5.3.20
Week 5 12.3.20
Week 6 19.3.20
Week 7 26.3.20
Week 8 2.4.20
Week 9 9.4.20
Week 10 16.4.20

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