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Shaytan said: “Because of how you have led me astray, for sure, I will take my seat, waiting for them, on Your Straight Path.”
– [Surah Al-A’raf, Ayat 16]

We have all been through battles. Some we have won, and some we have lost. But it’s not just individual battles that we fight. There is a whole war in progress between faith-inspired humanity and the ever- deceitful progeny of the devil. We have a clear enemy facing us wherever we go, and our neglect of this reality will only lead us to loss. Engaging in battle against this enemy can get tough, but we have the assistance of God and the knowledge He imparted to us of this enemy, of his masterful commitment to wrongdoings. We learn the enemy, inside out, so that we can continue to defeat him, till time ends.

Our faith is at risk whenever we let our guard down. Whenever we neglect our potential to improve ourselves and whenever we squander one too many opportunities to minimize our misdeeds, the army of despicable devils rejoice in their little victories. Those little victories stack up as miniature building blocks for the devil to establish his empire within your soul, emptying you of every ounce of faith. Our oblivion to the devil’s workings is cancerous, and we are in desperate need of immunity right now. With the knowledge of the devil’s masterplan, and the constant remembrance of God’s assistance, we shall defeat the devil.

This war has been waged since the beginning of mankind, and this shall last till the ends of times. The devil is in the details. Know the enemy, fight him, win the battles, so that we can win the war.

This season of Sessions is based on Imam ibn Al-Jawzi’s work, titled “Talbis Iblis”.


8pm – 9.30pm
Google Meet / AQATV*

*The session will be uploaded on AQATV app a week after the Google Meet event.


Part 1: Ustaz Ahmad Faritz (until 18 Aug)
Part 2: Ustaz Khairulzaman bin Rahmat (commencing 1 Sep)


You can download the PDF copy of Talbis Iblis by Imam ibn Al-Jawzi using the link below:


Part 1:

Week 1 9.6.21
Week 2 16.6.21
Week 3 23.6.21
Week 4 30.6.21
Week 5 7.7.21
Week 6 14.7.21
Eid Adha Break 21.7.21
Week 7 28.7.21
Week 8 4.8.21
Cancelled 11.8.21
Week 9 18.8.21
Break 25.8.21



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