“Know that the biggest gate from which Iblis enters to people is ignorance, and he does so freely. As for a knowledgeable person, he only sneaks up to him. Iblis takes advantage of worshipers because most of them are ignorant as they occupy themselves with worship and do not seek knowledge.”
– [Imam Ibn Al-Jawzi, Talbis Iblis]


Fridays (10 weeks)
8pm – 9.30pm
28 Jan – 1 Apr 2022


Ustaz Muhammad Faizuddin Bin Fauzan


There are many ways in which the devil tries to infiltrate our lives, to cause havoc in almost all aspects of our lives. As for the believers who strive to do their best as faithful servants of God, the devil has one more avenue through which he attempts to cause trouble. That is our worship.

Worship is a daily necessity for all believers, and Iblis realizes that one of the most deceptive ways in which he can mislead the people of faith, is through worship and religiosity. When we fail to understand the fragile nature of ourselves and our deeds, we fall prey to the devil’s cunning tactics.

This calls for us to be on our toes, and to be alert and cautious concerning our worship and how we conduct ourselves with regards to matters of religiosity and faith. Truly, God’s guidance shall manifest in our lives when we seek His Assistance, and attempt to seek His Knowledge, to protect ourselves and our faith from the devil’s persistent efforts to dismantle our hearts of its faithful fragments.

With knowledge and humility, we can protect our faith and our worship, to form a barrier between us and the devil, so that we can safeguard ourselves and our loved ones, through this worldly journey that we embark on to reach the ultimate destination prepared for God’s faithful servants.

This season of Sessions is based on Imam ibn Al-Jawzi’s work, titled “Talbis Iblis”.


You can download the PDF copy of Talbis Iblis by Imam ibn Al-Jawzi using the link below:


Week 1 28.1.22
Week 2 4.2.22
Week 3 11.2.22
Week 4 18.2.22
Week 5 25.2.22
Week 6 4.3.22
Week 7 11.3.22
Week 8 18.3.22
Week 9 25.3.22
Week 10 1.4.22



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Satanology: Protecting Our Worship

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