Shaytan said: “Because of how you have led me astray, for sure, I will take my seat, waiting for them, on Your Straight Path.”

– (Surah Al-A’raf, Ayat 16)

The path towards guidance and the loving faith of God, has never been all roses and peace. The history of man and faith towards God, has always been filled with stories of tears and toil, struggle and sacrifice, pain and perseverance. Stories of our pious predecessors have shown how challenging it can be to nurture faith in our ever-evolving hearts. The seedlings of faith require meticulous and tender care, in addition to protection from the adversities that engulf its surroundings.

Protecting our faith has never been more challenging, in an age where ideologies spread like wildfire, before they are even validated by the human intellect, and verified by the revelation from God. Truth-seeking believers are in a constant search for clarity on our belief system and values, consolidating their concepts of faith, and fortifying their hearts with the friendship and love of God.

Imam ibn Al-Jawzi composed an articulate masterpiece to warn people of the disguises of the devil, exposing his intricate plans that seek to plant discord amongst mankind, deviating the souls from their true purpose in life. This is a battlefield, and the war is between faith and despair, goodness and evil, truth and falsehood. Welcome to reality.

Know the devil, as you fight him.


15 weeks (8 Jan – 22 Apr 2020)
8pm – 9.30pm
*There will be 1 break in the middle of the season. Please refer to schedule.

Course Instructor

Ustaz Ahmad Faritz


Sessions are for everyone. There are no prior qualifications required to attend Sessions.


Week 1 8.1.20
Week 2 15.1.20
Week 3 22.1.20
Week 4 29.1.20
Week 5 5.2.20
Week 6 12.2.20
Week 7 19.2.20
Break 26.2.20
Week 8 4.3.20
Week 9 11.3.20
Week 10 18.3.20
Week 11 25.3.20
Week 12 1.4.20
Week 13 8.4.20
Week 14 15.4.20
Week 15 22.4.20

Note: There will be no make-up session should the instructor cancel a scheduled session due to unforeseen circumstances (medical/family). Cancellation updates will be sent via SMS (for registered attendees), email & posted on social media.


This program is free-of-charge. A donation box will be circulated during the session.

Note: Sessions are partially subsidized, thanks to generous donors who have supported Alqudwah Academy and its operations. Please remember to pray for their well-being in this life and in the next life. If you would like to contribute to Sessions, check out our Fund-A-Session initiative, where you can support the operational cost of Sessions at The Academy.


It is compulsory to register for Sessions. This would help us manage the space and logistics required for Sessions, according to the number of students attending.

You will also receive notification e-mails and messages on updates to the Sessions schedule, should there be any cancellations.

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(Free) Satanology: The Devil Deludes


You can download the PDF copy of Talbis Iblis by Imam ibn Al-Jawzi using the link below: