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The human self is made up of four key dimensions. Physiological, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. All of these dimensions are key elements that shape our personalities and make us who we are as a person today.

The physiological aspect of our life, is merely what is physically apparent, right in front of our eyes. But there is more to a human being than just the physical realities we can sense. We have intellectual capabilities that enable us to do so much more in life than any other creation of Allāh. However, our emotional and spiritual well-being is often overlooked as we chase this world, for the little it offers us, in exchange for our heartfelt efforts and sacrifices.

The source of respite for all believers, is the faith that unites us. Faith, in our reality, is essential for all four dimensions of our human self, just like how water and oxygen is essential for our physical sustenance. Faith is the foundation upon which every element of our life seeks its necessary source of vital power. Faith is the direction that pulls our inner self towards self-actualization. We need to know who we really are, and only then, we can help ourselves to get to the place where we really want to be.

As the comforting certainty of faith brings your feelings and conscience into the reverberating depths of your soul, let’s begin a journey of understanding ourselves.

Let’s reclaim our emotions, seeking purpose in motion.


8 weeks, commencing 3 July
7.45pm – 8.45pm
Youtube / AQATV app


Ustazah Shameem Sultanah


Week 1 3.7.20 Premiering on YouTube
Week 2 10.7.20 Premiering on YouTube
Week 3 17.7.20 Premiering on YouTube
Week 4 24.7.20 Premiering on YouTube
Week 5 31.7.20 TBC
Week 6 7.8.20 TBC
Week 7 14.8.20 TBC
Week 8 21.8.20 TBC



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Lessons will be based on the book “Psychology From The Islamic Perspective” by Dr. Aisha Utz.

You can download the PDF copy of Psychology From The Islamic Perspective using the link below: