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“Our Lord! Make us both fully submit to You, and from our descendants a nation that will submit to you. Show us our rituals, and turn to us in grace. You are truly the Accepter of Repentance, Most Merciful.”
– (Surah Al-Baqarah, Ayat 128)

The act of calling upon God is not meant to be a rigid and ritualistic routine, to the point where we lose the essence of communicating and forming an intimate relationship with God. Prayer allows us to express our innermost feelings and thoughts, directed towards our Creator, so that we can find comfort and guidance from the presence of our soul that seeks nearness to God. We have been learning how to make prayers and supplications, understanding the basics and how-tos of Solat and Du’a. Now, we enhance our expressions towards God, by learning how to make our prayers personal. Every prayer is something unique to each soul from amongst us.

Our pious predecessors have left their legacies behind for us to be inspired and motivated by their dedication and commitment to seeking closeness to God. We have a selection of their personal prayers that showcase their individuality in worshipping Allah through Du’a. We hope that we can follow their footsteps to forge a strong bond with God, by understanding our relationship with our Creator to be something truly personal in its very essence and nature.

Ustazah Shameem Sultanah shares how your prayers are uniquely yours, and no one else can take your sincere prayer away from you. Let’s make our prayers personal.

This Sessions will be based on the book Prayers Of The Pious by Omar Suleiman.


Fridays, commencing 11 Jun
9 weeks
8pm – 9.30pm
Google Meet / AQATV*

*The session will be uploaded on AQATV app a week after the Google Meet event.


Ustazah Shameem Sultanah


Prayers of the Pious by Omar Suleiman
*Book is available for purchase at Wardah Books.


Week 1 11.6.21 Google Meet
Week 2 18.6.21 Google Meet
Week 3 25.6.21 Google Meet
Week 4 2.7.21 Google Meet
Week 5 9.7.21 Google Meet
Week 6 16.7.21 Google Meet
Week 7 23.7.21 Google Meet
Week 8 30.7.21 Google Meet
Week 9 6.8.21 Google Meet
13.8.21 Break



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