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Believers, guard yourselves and your families against a fire, fuelled by people and stones, over which, stand angels, stern and strong. Angels who never disobey God’s commands to them, but rather, do as they are ordered. – (Surah At-Tahrim, Ayat 6)

This Session will be conducted in Malay.

Our lives revolve around the choices we have and the decisions we take according to our sense of reason. To facilitate sound reasoning, Allah has sent down the greatest remembrance and the most excellent example. The Quran, and The Messenger who was sent to teach us The Quran.

Believers benefit from reminders, so let’s gather in a circle of remembrance to ensure that we are safely rooted within spirituality as we live through this world of calamity.

Join us, with family and friends, as we forge a strong spiritual bond within our hearts, seeking salvation and the ultimate pleasure of God.


commencing 5 July
5.30pm – 6.30pm
Youtube / AQATV app


Ustaz Radja Nurul Bahri




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1) Bank transfer to DBS digital/current bank account no. 003-954778-1
2) or PayNow to UEN no. T13LL2451C
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Note: Sessions are partially sponsored, thanks to generous sponsors who have supported Alqudwah Academy and its operations. Please remember to pray for their well-being in this life and in the next life. If you would like to sponsor these Sessions, check out our Fund-A-Session initiative here.


There is no registration required as Sessions will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel on every Sunday. The session will be made for available on YouTube for a week.

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