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‘Abd Ar-Rahman ibn ‘Awf heard The Messenger of Allah ﷺ saying:
“Allah, The Glorious, The Majestic, said: “I am Ar-Rahman. I created kinship ties, and I derived for it a name from My Name. Therefore, whoever connects those ties, I shall connect with him, and whoever cuts off those ties, I have no connection with him.”
– (Al-Adab Al-Mufrad)

There are two relationships in our lives that seem to get disconnected at times. Our relationship with God, and our relationship with fellow creations of God. We live in this world, never alone, and we are always in need of companionship on Earth. Ar-Rahman blesses us with family and friends, for us to share His love, and refine our relationships with God, and humanity.

Allah ﷻ has gifted us with family, to be there for each other, for the sole purpose of improving ourselves, to become good people, and ultimately, to become a good servant to Him ﷻ. He sent us The Prophet ﷺ and this religion, so that human character and moral values are elevated to the highest level possible. It is upon us to embark on this journey of spiritual development, for self-betterment. This is how we strive to achieve the pleasure of Allah ﷻ.

We seek circles of knowledge, to seek spiritual sustenance, and to strengthen the bond between the servants of Allah ﷻ, hopeful that we can walk towards Him, to gain His pleasure, the lasting reward for all of our efforts.

This season of Sessions will be conducted in the Malay language, exclusively online, on Google Meet.


Sundays, commencing 24 Jan
10 weeks
5.30pm – 6.30pm
Google Meet / AQATV*

*The session will be uploaded on AQATV app 1 working day after the Google Meet event.


Ustaz Radja Nurul Bahri


Week 1 24.1.20 Google Meet
Week 2 31.1.21 Google Meet
Week 3 7.2.21 Google Meet
Week 4 14.2.21 Google Meet
Week 5 21.2.21 Google Meet
Week 6 28.2.21 Google Meet
Week 7 7.3.21 Google Meet
Week 8 14.3.21 Google Meet
Week 9 21.3.21 Google Meet
Week 10 28.3.21 Google Meet



Course fees for Sessions will be pay-as-you-wish.

Payments of any amount may with the following methods:
1) Bank transfer to DBS digital/current bank account no. 003-954778-1
2) or PayNow to UEN no. T13LL2451C
Reference ‘Sessions‘ during the transaction.

Note: Sessions are partially sponsored, thanks to generous sponsors who have supported Alqudwah Academy and its operations. Please remember to pray for their well-being in this life and in the next life. If you would like to contribute to Sponsor-A-Session, check out our  initiative, where you can support the operations of Sessions at The Academy here.


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