We look forward to a year of goodness & blessings from Allah and we want you to be part of it.

The Academy’s Sessions has brought so much to all of us at The Academy, and you have been a big reason for our happiness. It couldn’t have been possible, if not for your sincere efforts and prayers. We thank you for all of the goodness you brought to The Academy.

This time, we go again.

Sessions are free-of-charge courses at Alqudwah Academy since 2013. It is made free to cater to seekers who hopes to begin learning the religion from the foundation of its science.

Fund-A-Session is an initiative aiming to keep Sessions free for all. The operational cost of each Session stands at $300 per session. Over the past year, we have had generous contributions from all of you, to keep Sessions going strong, and accessible to all.

There are still many more of our Sessions waiting to be funded. If you wish to contribute to the countless hours of awe-inspiring Sessions with our amazing Sessions Facilitators, why not Fund-A-Session?