Fund-A-Session is a community initiative that aims to keep Sessions accessible to all, by sponsoring the running costs of our Sessions. Since 2013, Sessions has been initiating gatherings of the remembrances of God, through learning and thinking about the religion, going through countless classical and contemporary books, to read and to understand God and His religion.

With the global pandemic changing our lives and almost threatening to erase our past memories, Sessions has evolved to take a new form, temporarily migrating to a new, online-only look. We brought along the Alqudwah Academy TV video production crew to record Sessions with our Asatizahs, just so that you can keep connected with our Sessions, all from the comfort and safety of your homes.

The Academy’s Sessions has brought so much of joy to all of us here at The Academy, and it continues to do so, with you being the main reason for our happiness.

This could not have been possible, if not for your sincere efforts and prayers. We thank all of you for the goodness you have brought to The Academy.

This time, we go again.

Over the past year, we have had generous contributions from all of you, to keep Sessions going strong, keeping it accessible for hundreds and more.

This year, we look forward to more of Allah’s goodness & blessings, and we want all of you to be a part of it.

Our Sessions will continue to be premiered online, exclusively on our YouTube channel, and we need your support. There are still many more of our Sessions waiting to be funded. If you wish to contribute to the countless hours of awe- inspiring Sessions with our amazing Sessions Facilitators, why not Fund-A- Session?

The operational cost of each Session stands at $300 per session.

Previously, we only accepted contributions of $300 per session. This time, we are accepting contributions of as little as $100 or $200, so that more of us can contribute to each Session.

We hope that Fund-A-Session will continue to benefit many more seekers of knowledge from our community, to learn and to think about the religion, and to grow together as servants of God and of humanity.

We do this, together, for the pleasure of God.