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“The description of The Garden promised to the righteous is that, in it are rivers of fresh water, rivers of milk that never changes in taste, rivers of wine delicious to drink, and rivers of pure honey. There, they will also have all kinds of fruit, and forgiveness from their Master. Can they be equal to those who will stay in The Fire forever, left to drink boiling water that will tear apart their insides?”
– (Surah Muhammad, Ayat 15)

We are attracted to imagery that captures the attention of our sensory perceptions, through profound abstractions and astounding detail. We seek visual elaboration of what we cannot seem to imagine from our own thoughts and deliberations. This is why graphic media production and descriptive writing are skills sought after by many, to grab the attention of an increasingly unbothered world of humans afflicted with a decreasing attention span. We learned this from God, when He described to us the afterlife, a reality we cannot ever imagine from our limited ability to comprehend the unseen.

God wants us to see the actuality and relevance behind the truth of the afterlife, and thus, He employs vivid language to communicate with us the details that would help us understand the weight of the undeniable future we are walking towards. He furnishes us with imagery that makes us reflect on our current state, instigating us to take action now, so that we take control of our future. The final destination of every human being is one of two. One filled with God’s pleasure and limitless indulgence for its inhabitants. The other, filled with utter agony and unthinkable pain.

God converses with us, in graphic detail, displaying the visuals of the eternal life, to send us a message that will describe our final destination. Just don’t blue tick God.

This season of Sessions will be conducted exclusively online, on Google Meet.


Sundays, commencing 24 Jan
12 weeks
10.30am – 12pm
Google Meet / AQATV*

*The session will be uploaded on AQATV app 1 working day after the Google Meet event.


Ustaz Taufiq Bin Radja Nurul Bahri


Week 1 24.1.20 The Blazing Fire Google Meet
Week 2 31.1.21 The Blazing Fire Google Meet
Week 3 7.2.21 The Blazing Fire Google Meet
Week 4 14.2.21 The Blazing Fire Google Meet
Week 5 21.2.21 The Blazing Fire Google Meet
Week 6 28.2.21 The Blazing Fire Google Meet
Week 7 7.3.21 The Heavenly Abode Google Meet
Week 8 14.3.21 The Heavenly Abode Google Meet
Week 9 21.3.21 The Heavenly Abode Google Meet
Week 10 28.3.21 The Heavenly Abode Google Meet
Week 11 4.4.21 The Heavenly Abode Google Meet
Week 12 11.4.21 The Heavenly Abode Google Meet



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1) Bank transfer to DBS digital/current bank account no. 003-954778-1
2) or PayNow to UEN no. T13LL2451C
Reference ‘Sessions‘ during the transaction.

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Instructor will be using his own slides for the sessions. Slides will be uploaded and shared on Google Meet event.