And so, We awakened them, so that they might question one another. One of them exclaimed, “How long have you remained asleep?” Some replied, “Perhaps a day, or part of a day.” They said to one another, “Your Master knows best how long you have slept. So, get one of you with these silver coins of yours, to go to the city, and let him find which food is the purest, and then bring you provisions from it. Let him be exceptionally cautious, and do not let him give you away. – Surah Al-Kahf, Ayat 19

The realities of faith highlight to us that life in this world is not for its comforts, not for its safety. There is always something that puts our hearts into a state of deep concern and grief. For many of us, its our future. How are we going to live tomorrow? What about next year? What about a decade from now?

From the many worries we have in life, Allah describes a few of the most imperative issues of our time which we need to be aware of, and to consider, in our efforts to seek a better future for all of us. Of those, the issues of faith, of wealth, of knowledge, and of authority. These facets of life carry the most significant weight in impacting the lives of human beings all around the world.

As with any process of change, the first step is awareness. Understanding our realities and its implications should initiate a series of thoughts and feelings within our souls, leading us to plant the seeds of change in our hearts, spurring us on to work towards betterment for this worldly life and beyond. Encapsulating the discourse of imperative change, are the lessons from Surah Al-Kahf.

Let’s be woke about reality, and initiate change within ourselves, for the benefit of humanity.


10 weeks (8 Sep – 10 Nov 2019)
10.30am – 12.30pm

Course Instructor

Ustaz Taufiq bin Radja Nurul Bahri


The facilitator will use a presentation slides weekly to share his notes with students.


Week 1 8.9.19
Week 2 15.9.19
Week 3 22.9.19
Week 4 29.9.19
Week 5 6.10.19
Week 6 13.10.19
Week 7 20.10.19
Week 8 27.10.19
Week 9 3.11.19
Week 10 10.11.19

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